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  Yasuragi Massage (60 Minutes)------------------------- P1,000
  Vidro Massage (90 Minutes)----------------------------- P1,800
  Stone Massage (90 Minutes)----------------------------- P1,800
  Foot & Shoulder Massage (60 Minutes)----------------- P1,000
  Head & Foot Massage (60 Minutes)---------------------- P1,000
  Foot Care (Scrub & Massage) (60 Minutes)------------- P1,000
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Experiance the total relaxation of your life as you set in at Yasuragi Relaxation Spa. Pamper and regenerate yourself to our style and offer yourself the signature massage to help you relax & rejuvenate. Get the whole body make over from head to toe, forget the hassle and give yourself a trate. Let Yasuragi Spa cover you with body and nothing but relaxation.